Reach People, Reach the World

Why another church in Orlando?

Million Residents In Central Florida

Different Nations Represented


Not Connected To Local Church

Of The Largest And Fastest Growing Universities In America

Our mission is to reach people with the gospel, and then send them out to reach our city and the world with the gospel.

City Awakening Church is part of The Summit Network.


Gospel Saturated Worship

Our worship gatherings will be unashamedly saturated in the gospel for the glorification of God, edification of Christians, and salvation of non-Christians.

Gospel Saturated Community

At City Awakening these groups are about doing life together, as we live on mission together.

Gospel Saturated Multiplication

We gather together for gospel saturated worship and community, but we will also scatter our church for gospel saturated multiplication.



Prayer is our first response,
not our second
We Value: Prayer


We will read the Bible and
let the Bible read us
We Value: Biblical Authority


The Gospel is more than a way to
eternal life, the Gospel is our life
We Value: Gospel Saturation


The Gospel is our common ground.
We Value: Cultural Diversity, Gospel Unity


Living contently, giving generously,
to reach more missionally
We Value: Generosity


Love a few, so we can love the many
We Value: Missional Community


Multiplication is not an option, it’s a must!
We Value: Multiplication

We Believe….
Below is a short list of some of the primary doctrinal beliefs that we have at City Awakening. You can find a more detailed list here: Doctrinal Beliefs and Supporting Scriptures.

The Bible

We believe the Bible was written by men, it was divinely inspired by God, and its content is completely trustworthy, relevant, and authoritative since God’s the one who guided its development. The Bible instructs us on how to live our lives, but its primary message reveals who God is and what God has done for us. It details God’s plan to redeem humanity and restore the world through Jesus. We call this message the “Gospel.”

The Gospel

We believe the Gospel is “good news.” The good news is that Jesus is God in the flesh who came to live, die, and rise again as the Bible foretold. Jesus did this to save us from sin, from eternal hell which we deserve because of sin, and to unite us with God forever. Our salvation isn’t based upon who we are or what we’ve done, rather it’s all based upon who Jesus is and what Jesus has done. We cannot out work the work that Jesus did for us on the cross. He willingly took the punishment we deserved and satisfied both the justice and mercy of God. Simply put, Jesus is the hero of the story, not us! So when you read the Bible, read it through that lens. Read it through the lens of the Gospel knowing that it’s not just some moral rule book, rather it’s about a loving God who pursues after us. Read it knowing that it’s all about Jesus!

The Church

We believe the Church is a community of people who believe in the Gospel and who gather for the purposes of glorifying God, edifying each other, and spreading the Gospel through the making and sending of disciples. We also believe that God cares about His creation, that the Church is to show love for every person, and the way to do that is by being both a proclamation and a visible presentation of the love that’s found in the Gospel. The scope of God’s love is worldwide, and City Awakening is committed to taking the love of the Gospel worldwide, even to the farthest and most un-reached places of the world.


Louis Tamburro

Louis Tamburro

Lead Pastor

Louis was an atheist in college, but in 2001 he became a Christian. It’s his passion for preaching and sharing the gospel that led him to pursue pastoral ministry. So he became a youth pastor in 2005, and then he extended his education by receiving a Masters In Divinity and a Masters In Pastoral Counseling. In 2007 he became the pastor of a revitalization church, and God used the leadership of Louis to bring the church back to vitality. Since then he has gained some experience in church planting, and he has a tremendous desire to multiply God’s church for the sake of reaching those who are far from God. His atheist background has uniquely gifted him to reach un-churched people while still growing the faith of those within the church. He and his wife Andrea have three children: Noah (6), Caleb (4), and Tenley (3).

Zack Casey

Zack Casey

Executive Pastor

Zack was baptized at a young age, but it wasn’t until his teenage years that he fully surrendered his life to Christ. He began to serve the local church and his passion for ministry continued to grow. In 2008, he began leading worship at the new campus of multi-site church in Jacksonville, AL. This role quickly transitioned into a Campus Pastor role where he has served for the past 8 years. Zack loves serving the church in a wide variety of ways and equipping people to be fully devoted followers of Christ. He and his wife Brittany have 4 children: Dereje (9), Asher (7), Honor (6), and Isla (4).

Aaron Still

Aaron Still

Missional Community Groups Pastor

Aaron has been a Christian since he was a child. He was led into full-time ministry after graduating high school. He attended UCF and received a degree in Business Management. After UCF he went to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where he received his Masters in Divinity (2010) and a Masters in Theology (2012). He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Education. He was an associate pastor in Garner, NC for 5 and a half years and is excited to return to Central Florida to reach people with the message of the gospel! Aaron is passionate about God’s Word and training up others in its knowledge and practice. He met his wife Bethany while both were at school at UCF. They have 5 children: Austin (’07), Aubrey (’09), Charlie (’11), Carter (’12), and Everly (’13).

Taylor Alexander

Taylor Alexander

Worship Leader

Taylor has been a Christian since childhood. He has had a growing love for the Word of God throughout his life, which fuels his worship. He began leading worship for his youth group at the age of fifteen. He led worship for his college ministry for four years and for his home church for three years. He and his wife, Ashley, married in December 2015 and graduated from Jacksonville State University in April 2016. Taylor graduated with a degree in Management ,and Ashley with a degree in Elementary Education. Taylor’s passion is to see people far from God come to know Jesus intimately, and to see the church built up and sent out to spread the gospel.

Kristen Wood

Kristen Wood

Groups Catalyst

Kristen was raised in South Florida and upon graduation in 2008 attended the great University of Central Florida. Growing up, Kristen had a general belief in God but didn’t truly understand the full meaning of the Gospel until college when she surrendered her life to Christ. Upon graduation in 2012, Kristen began working at UCF for a college ministry. Here she had the honor of discipling young college-aged women for 3 years. This grew Kristen’s heart and passion to walk alongside women, not only in friendship, but as they strive to know the Word deeply and to grow in their knowledge, love, and obedience to Christ (1 Thess. 2:8). Kristen’s desire to be a life-long disciple maker and is excited to serve at City Awakening. Kristen also has a clumsy puppy, Molly, who has been God’s source of comic relief in her life.