Our team members are a devoted group of individuals using their passions and gifts to serve the people and mission of City Awakening. Serving on a team is about more than completing a job, it’s about using your unique make-up to serve the Kingdom of God and make an eternal investment in the lives of others. You can check out some our key teams below.



Children’s Ministry Team – This team is devoted to reaching children with the Gospel as we seek to reach their parents, families and ultimately the world. It’s important for team members to be energetic, excited, joyful, loving, caring, and genuine.

Guest Services Team – This team works to present a Christ-like first impression for every guest. We want to give each person every opportunity to see and hear the Gospel from the parking lot to the stage.

Parking Lot Team – This team sets the tone for the rest of the Sunday experience. A person will decide within the first 10 minutes of arriving whether or not they will come back the next week; the parking lot is the very first touch.

Setup/Teardown – This team is diligent in providing a consistent environment every week, paying attention to every detail, in order to provide the best experience for each guest. They also see to the care and storage of all equipment, helping us be good stewards of all resources.

Tech Team – This team utilizes technology to help outwardly express the grandeur and glory of our God. In doing so, they lead others to a greater worship and intimacy with Christ.

Worship Team – This team has the weekly opportunity to create music that fills our minds with God’s truth, and moves our hearts towards God’s heart

Prayer Team – This team prays fervantly for the people and mission of City Awakening. They are committed to pray together weekly for the Spirit of God to move through the people and gatherings of City Awakening. Prayer is our first response, not our second.

Creative Marketing Team – This team works to communicate with clarity and creativity; primarily the Gospel and our mission. They utilize the arts, photography, video, music, social media, the web, and print to accomplish this purpose.

Generosity Team – This team works to disciple the heart of the giver because we know that a person’s generosity is a significant part of the sanctification and discipleship process. They also lead our church in corporately practicing biblical stewardship and generosity as a reflection of the Gospel. .

Missional Community Groups – Missional Community Groups exist to train up our church to live out our code and to be equipped to make and send disciples. This team leads the way in writing curriculum, coaching leaders, and guiding multiplication of groups and leaders.



To begin serving or to request more information, visit the Next Steps table on Sunday morning or fill out the contact form below.